An experienced data scientist with a diverse background and a strong technical skill set, I have experience working both internationally and domestically in industries such as development, telecommunications, government and finance.

Currently working in management consulting, I’m enjoying exploring data engineering, theoretical statistics and arduino at the moment.


Doctor of Philosophy 2004-2008

Research focused on finding practical, but theoretically robust solutions for testing complex time series models over multiple dimensions (panel data).

Bachelor of Arts/Commerce 1998-2003

Honours in Econometrics (first class – game theory). Additional majors in Economics, Latin and Ancient History.

Work Experience

Data Scientist / Manager

PwC Analytics Intelligence / 2018 - Now

I work in analytics transformation/strategy and Responsible AI - with a good helping of innovative text analytics, workplace culture and forecasting. I build things for other people to use.

Data Science Consultant and Strategist

Rex Analytics / 2014 - 2018

At Rex Analytics, we provided the missing link for companies with a data focus, but still developing a deep data science expertise.


Department of Communications and the Arts / July - December 2016

I contributed to two projects: the regional telecommunications database and was a co-author on the Chief Economist’s major work on the impacts of digitization on productivity.

Unit Coordinator/eLearning Advisor

Swinburne Online / 2015 – 2017

I taught for Swinburne’s MBA and MPA programs in finance and economics, as well undergraduate units such as statistics, marketing and business innovation.


The World Bank / 2012 – 2015

At the World Bank, I worked with the Pacific education team and was responsible for the survey and data analysis, modelling and report writing. I provided support for intervention evaluation design, sample design and implementation, in-country support for teams during data collection and entry. I worked on projects from Laos, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Vanuatu, Timor Leste, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Casual Lecturer, Associate Lecturer, Research Assistant

The University of Sydney / 2004 – 2009

I taught and researched advanced data science concepts such as time series modelling and forecasting, classification models, probabilistic theory, applied econometrics and data analysis.

Technical Skills

My preferred languages right now: R, Python, Java.

I have experience with cloud computing, particularly in the AWS ecosystem.

Languages/platforms I’ve worked in previously or have experience with: SQL, Fortran, Gauss, Stata, SPSS, HTML/CSS, Javascript.

Open source

Program chair, ROpenSci 2019 Ozunconf

Lead keynote speaker, useR!2018

Cofounder: R-Ladies Remote

Cofounder: R-Ladies Sydney


You can find my publications list here. I write/research alot less in management consulting… but I’ll get back to it one of these days.

Language Skills

I have a degree in Classical Latin. There are two things about this that are relevant to data science/consulting:

  1. I’m great with communication and language
  2. One day the Vatican will require some kind of analytics and it will be my moment.

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